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Our aim at Revive Sports Massage is to help you to function at your best and live life to the full.


Most of us, whether we are involved in sport or not, at some time in our lives will experience debilitating bouts of pain which stop us from doing what we want to do. Massage therapy can assist you to quickly recover and help to keep pain, soreness and stiffness at bay.


Here is a short overview of that we offer


Sports Massage focuses on the use of deep tissue massage, mobilization and stretching techniques. Whether you exercise to keep fit or compete at elite level, sports massage can be affective in the prevention of injury, improvement of performance and the reduction of post activity muscle soreness.


Therapeutic Massage encompasses a variety of techniques to create changes in the soft tissues of the body such as skin, fascia, muscle, tendons and ligaments. Theraputic Massage can help improve general well being by reducing pain and stress and facilitating healing.


Treatments can include Wavestone Massage which utilizes warm jade stones to help relax muscle tissue and ease tension. Advanced trigger point techniques can also be applied. 


Sports Nutrition and Dietary Counselling helping you to achieve you goals through good nutition. 



If you are unsure which treatment will suit you best then give us a call to discuss and we will make sure that your treatment is tailored to your needs.


We look forward to taking care of you!


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